Designing From Above

Short Film

"Designing From Above" from Jill Johnson Mann on Vimeo.


Wow. Just one word: Wow. That is the reaction designer and stylist Barclay Fryery sought and elicited from those who viewed his creations. Barclay died on May 26, 2017. While his life was short, his inspirations were large. He might start with a simple spark, the shade of pink in a Spanish bullfighter's stockings, and transform an entire room. He placed no limits on his designs. He dreamed big and exceeded expectations, both with his artistic creations and his life. Barclay left not only a legacy of beauty, he etched life lessons into the memories he left behind—and in his last two months on earth, he recorded them for posterity in his book: Cancer Looks Good on You. This film captures snippets of his life, his vision, the lifestyle he created, and the philosophy of optimism and compassion he nurtured—whether overcoming abuse, dealing with loss, coping with an HIV diagnosis, or facing cancer. Just as anyone who met Barclay was touched by him, we hope this montage of his design tips, wisdom, and wit touches your heart, mind, or funny bone.

After watching, please consider buying a book or Barcling earrings in our Shop for you or a friend. All book profits and 30% of Barcling sales go to fulfilling Barclay's dream of raising teen suicide awareness and supporting LGBTQ youth.

Official Selection – Nyack Local Independent Film Festival
Official Selection – Rails to Reels Film Festival
Official Selection – Docs Without Borders Film Festival